Welacom to Bollywood

On a dark and stormy night, in 2000, as the
wind howled and the rain lashed against
the shutters of my garage, I crouched in a
corner with only one thought racing through
my mind - How I wished I was watching a
movie - seeing my favourite stars in action!

But there was no way I could have done that.

It was 2am, and with no TV or computer, that

only seemed like a distant dream.

The thought did cross my mind that I would

read a comic, or maybe even the graphic

novel which was gathering dust on some

forgotten bookshelf.

But no, I needed something in which the stars

LOOKED like the stars, and not caricatures or

oversimplified drawings - something in which

you could actually READ them speaking!

Something that looked like the REAL movie,

scene-for-scene, word-for-word, song-for-

song, fight-for fight...and thought for thought

...on PAPER! Something that was COOL...

The MOVIC was born.

Since its inception, it has enraptured thousands

of readers who whilst reading are already living

the movie..

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